1% Changes~

Today we are going to start with a little background to the Pareto Principle. This principle comes from the mathematician Vilfredo Pareto. He came up with the idea that the majority rewards always seemed to accrue to a small percentage of people. This idea that a small number of things account for the majority of the results became known as the 80/20 Rule.


Imagine two plants in the forest growing side by side. Each day that passes they compete for sunlight and soil. If one plant can grow just a bit more quickly than the other it will have the advantage in stretching taller, gaining more sunlight, and soaking up more rain. This additional advantage allows the plant to grow larger and faster as this pattern continues. This process allows the plant to have the advantage to spread it seed better allowing a larger footprint in the forest! One small change allowed this plant to set forth the pattern to take over the forest. This is call the "accumulative advantage." What begins small gets larger over time with the repetition of the small changes.


I want you to really think about what this means to our daily decisions. What we do everyday adds up to the life we continue to have. If you are continuously held back from running the 5k because you can not skip a smoke break to take a walk then you will never take the next step of jogging, and inevitably not achieving your final goal. Even smaller than that, getting out of bed the first time your alarm sounds. That initial push allows your brain to acknowledge a new pattern. It can awaken the frontal cortex and start you on a path of many positive changes! Being just a little better than the previous decision, minute, day or even breath can lead to over sized rewards. You only win by 1%, 1 second, or 1 dollar but you capture 100% of your personal achievement. Keep adding those 1% changes and you will soon feel the full force of each change. Every little thing adds up and I would love to cheer you on as you go for your 1% changes.

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