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Hoarding Defined -

hoard (hôrd)


1. A supply or store of something held or hidden for future use.

2. A collection or supply, as of memories or information, that one keeps to oneself for future use.

v. hoard·ed, hoard·ing, hoards

1. To accumulate a hoard of: hoarded his money in a box under the bed.

2. To accumulate as much of (something) as one can, as when fearing a shortage.

3. To keep hidden or private: "the impulse to hoard the raw material of experience and turn it into art" (Bernard Cooper).


To gather or accumulate a hoard.

Although that definition really leaves a vague picture of what hoarding is - be clear that it is any type of collecting, saving, or prepping that is done in an impulsive nature. Either we collect due to trauma, we collect out of fear, or we collect out of the pattern that has been taught to us. I realize that to some that have watched the show that portrays the extreme hoarders and their environment but what they fail to explain is we are ALL hoarders by nature. Especially in the USA. We overbuy, we are over-marketed to so we feel the need to have the next newest and best item. We are force-fed what the company is trying to sell and in a manner in which we believe we NEED it.

Do not be embarrassed and do not try to pretend you don't follow one of the triggers/patterns I described above because we ALL DO IT. Try to be easy on yourself but be honest to yourself. You are a hoarder. It is in our nature. Now do something about it. You are not wearing the 3 closets full of clothes, or the piles that are laying on the floor. You only need enough clothing for 8 outfits. Period. Even if that seems too little it is still a better goal than pretending that you are going to wear any of the items that haven't been touched in YEARS. Step up. Get it out and get it done. It is you that controls the hoarder inside of you. Take back the CONTROL.

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