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Need a kitchen organization push?

When it comes to our kitchens, it can be so distracting trying to find the right way to organize everything. Some of us are bakers, chefs, or just microwave meal pro. Whatever type of person you are in your kitchen it is so very important to organize it in a way that YOU are going to get the best use out of your space.

Determine what your priority items are. Examples of this type of exercise list would be the position/placement of my silverware. I, like most, keep my silverware next to my stove in a drawer. I tend to use multiple utensils while cooking so it only makes sense for me to take fewer steps gathering my tools. Another item to consider is your spices/seasonings. For some this needs to be right next to their stove, but for others, they use their table or island for their mixing/seasoning/preparing. In that case, we would look for the best way to store your seasonings/spices in a mobile way.

Also keeping your kitchen functional in how you are organizing makes a big difference as well. My youngest puts dishes away so for my kitchen it is imperative that I stack things in a way that he can easily follow. For instance my pots and pans, he tends to just lay everything in the cabinet together. No-go - so I facilitated the rod/hook design to easily see what I have and to help my youngest keep it in order.

Whatever you decide just make it in your favor - don't follow what works for others because it is YOUR kitchen. Follow what works for you! If you need any ideas or what to ask me a question feel free to reach out at any time!

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