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Anxiety is NOT Lazy

More often than less I hear my clients say that they feel like they are "lazy" for not keeping up on the clutter that has built up around them. Not only does that statement hold them back even more it also paints a picture of themselves that is not real. Any one suffering with anxiety will tell you that they are EXHAUSTED. Add the stress of a clutter mess around them and you have CHAOS and NOISE even on the quietest days.

I want to state this as clear as I can. Your anxiety will tell you that you cannot focus on getting your stuff organized. It actually feels like the stuff is SCREAMING at you while you work. I am not ever going to agree with the statement that laziness is easy to deal with. Anxiety is not laziness, it is chaos that will only hold you to the boundaries it creates. It is incredibly powerful and feels like a trapped person trying to be free.

When I work with each individual it is so very clear that I am keeping the noise from taking over. As we work together I can see the tension building. Their bodies get tight and their tones become short. Their breathing increases and the sweat begins to show. Nothing about that process for them is lazy. It is exhausting and is why they can't commit to the unorganized mess. I am here to quiet that noise. Their stuff is the noise and as we sort, organize, & remove you can see the tension lighten.

Never say you are lazy. Notice the noise in your stuff and be easy on the anxiety that starts inside of you.

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