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Easter Grass Overload

Well it’s over. Another year down and I’m sure most of you feel like this was to easy. Normally I’m running around the night before stuffing eggs and creating a bunny trail to the treats. This year was incredibly mild. We were able to enjoy each other in new ways. Zoom, Facetime, and other video call platforms became our common room just to get a moment of closeness in this uncertain time. Blessed. I’m seeing this crisis as a blessing. I have had to slow down and see the things come into Focus so much easier than before. No need to over plan the day with sports activities, overtime at work or even school. This has given me the chance to breath. I hope you all can find this peace in your day to day. Please let me know if anxiety is overloading. I have some great organizing tips that help work out some of the bigger anxiety symptoms. Breath my friends. We will overcome.

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