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Holiday Hoopla!

So here we are. I can't go into a store without being overloaded on holiday cheer! The Halloween clearance rack still very much in view. I know that we all have that little bit of resentment towards the rigmarole that the traditional holiday gathering has. Over the years I have found some quick clean up ideas that help me from getting the after party blues. Nothing is more depressing then seeing your once beautifully decorated living space now cluttered with boxes, knick knacks, and the endless holday card collection. Check it out. Save some of your cardboard to assist you in your light wrapping job. Not only will these ease the stress next year you can maintain your bulbs much more efficiently. Also, we tend to save the plastic packaging from our bedding, shoes, and clothing. Don't let that go to waste. Use it to maintain your present wrap all year. I will be posting a new tip every day until Christmas starting December 1st. I look forward to getting these ideas to you and I can't wait to hear how you have used these tips to get you organized and ready for next year.

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