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In ‘Go Mode’

And we’re off!! I am working with a new client and finding new parts of myself that I hadn’t noticed before. My clients think they are the only beneficiaries of my services, but let me tell you I GAIN SO MUCH MORE! Seeing how my clients work through their projects and the heartfelt stories that come along has opened my mind to different ’operating manuals’ to life. When we are raised we see only a small amount of how different cultures work. This gives me not only a new perspective but a completely different understanding of how to think about reactions. I never expected it to feel this great!

Organizing to me has always helped me deal with anxiety and stress from loss of control in life. Now it helps me be a much better human. God has opened so many doors since this has begun and each client has offered a new way of seeing life. I needed that. I’m forever grateful for what God has given me and what he has in store for my future. God speed in your decluttering projects!

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