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Just because you didn't yesterday....

When we start our day, it is by our choice that we complete the goal checklist we set for ourselves. If you had an off day the day before you may feel inclined to skip another day because you feel that you are already defeated. The biggest mistake we can make is to give up on ourselves before we have even begun to make real strides.

Try this. Be easy on yourself first. Don't waste time fretting about what didn't get done the day before. Start a fresh list and get moving. Do pat yourself on the back or give yourself a reward for working through your list! I know this probably sounds silly but truly if you look at your goal list daily as a reward then you will feel the shift in your mood.

Keep it light and you will see that getting your stuff organized can be easy if you take it easy. One thing at a time. One day at a time. If you look at it with wide eyes you will feel overwhelmed. Squint through it until the anxiety is no longer an issue.

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