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New Beginnings

Almost Empty!

I have really taken a strong interest in slowing myself down. I have been told to slow down from bosses, peers, and family most of my life. At little background of what gave me the sense of urgency that I carry in every project I begin. Big or small.

As a child I was raised by my mother and grandmother. They were both incredibly independent and so driven to be everything they promised to be. I am driven by their voices and their continued forward movement regardless of the negative forces against them. So I carry the anxiety that if I don’t keep moving forward I will fall down and not get myself back out. Ya... it’s psychological. Don’t forget that our habits and personalities are created from our experiences from childhood to present.

So when I begin a project with a new client I can feel myself pushing internally to complete the job quickly, with my standard of quality, and at the best cost for my clients to gain the value they deserve.

What is the point? Not everyone has my mother and grandmother in their mental voices to push them at the same speed. I used to think that was so important. Guess what? It’s not and it can actually ruin the experience that should be gained from the action. My newest client has really opened my eyes to the power of patience. It’s like truly enjoying every single flavor you experience from your favorite food/drink. I really want everyone to experience every minute that they are resolving the weight from their clutter. The freedom shouldn’t be lost in the action. Stop. Take a moment to see what you have done. Breath in the clean space. It’s really you that did the work and you deserve to enjoy your space.

I hope we can experience the relief together. I look forward to the lessons I get from the next project!🥰🤓

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