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Slow Your Roll

This post is simply about taking your time & what it is you want in your daily life. Look around you and see what it is you have in your living space. Does it make you feel good? Sad? Heavy or frustrated? What you surround yourself with creates a setting for how you will feel internally. Psychology has many studies that demonstrate how shapes, colors, and space can affect our reactions & emotions. A quick example of this type of effect is using colors to create feelings of happiness & hunger. According to, color has an incredible effect on your mood, perception, and likes and dislikes. Red, according to, makes your heart beat faster, and yellow gets your metabolism going, so the combination makes one hungry. The red easily get people's attention, increases energy, and causes excitement. So, these colors release certain endorphins in your brain which make you hungry.

So when you look around you - do you have colors that make you feel good? Does your decor fit your personality? If that is not the case then take the easiest next step and decide what it is you WANT out of your space. If you want it to be more functional such as moving your treadmill from the garage. A task that sounds simple but your placement may not be so simple - i.e. the spare room has become a catch-all. So takes small steps. Make a plan. Write it down. Nothing hurts from making a list. Pro's/con's. Wants/trash and desires/relief. For instance, I have a small corner of my front room that I use for my office space but it ends up being the place everyone throws their stuff at the end of the day. So when I get home to work at my desk, in my space, there is a pile or two of the family's leftovers from the day. So, I packed up my computer, cleared out my desk items, and downgraded to my moving office. Sometimes removing the weight added by "stuff" is just realizing that the space you have chosen isn't really a reasonable spot. Yes, we all deserve to have that place that is our own but it is also selfish to think that out of a household of 4 my space should be the only space that is sacred when it is a common area. Have the talk, make the changes, and see the results!!

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