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The Christmas Grinch

Well, it is that time of year again. We get presents and more presents. Then after the season is over we have stuffed our space with stuff that can be compared to the little brother strapped in his snowsuit from the famous movie The Christmas Story.

Stop that right now. Start by telling your loved ones exactly what you would like out of the holiday. Overdoing shopping can already put a monetary weight on our backs but then coming home to a cluttered mess from sale overload can feel even worse. Remind yourself first what the season is about for you & your family. Focus only on what that means to you and remove the commercialism behind the holiday.

Reorganize your living space to give it a fresh look before the family comes over. No need to go out and buy a bunch of decorations that you will either have to store for the next five years or that will go to the trash. Save yourself the money and save the planet from more trash. Kids can create some great decorations and truly they mean the most overall. Also, create a new routine of only one present per adult! This saves from a mass amount of random gifts that usually don't mean much to the giver anyway. Keep it small and it will mean more in the end. Remember the holiday season's true meaning and let's all do our part to reduce the amount of waste we are putting back into our Earth. Season's Greetings! Stay safe and organized!

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