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Unpacking from my Vacation

Well, 7 days of Colorado sun behind me and although I am mindful of what I bring back with me I still have so much to unpack. Travel-sized lotions, shampoos, and various hair/jewelry items. I was just thinking that I envy those regular business flyers, with their precisely packed carry-on in tow. They almost glide through security as if they were VIP going to the front of the club line.

That's' what I am working towards with my travels. I need to minimalize my "need" to have multiple full outfits (some I don't even wear when I am not on vacation) with the shoes to match (jewelry, too). So it sounds like I am a typical cliche woman of the United States. We carry so many items that we fear ourselves into needing. I pack my everyday work bag like I am leaving for a day hike in the forest with only myself and the provisions included in my pack.

So, my challenge for myself this week/month is to leave the house without the anxiety of missing something in my purse. I, in fact, will not be carrying my normal satchel of goodies so don't look to me when your finger is bleeding or you need a hairpin. It's' at home with the rest of my hair items!! I wonder, does everyone get that anxiety when they leave their home? Do you pat your pockets, check your purse, or do a path around your house before you leave? My family has always had a sense of urgency in their steps and thoughts. I use my Not Today Martha to remove the weight of that urgency turned anxiety. The organization, minimalism, and life-nurturing create a peaceful place for my anxiety to go. I hope understanding that we all have a Martha that needs to be removed will help push you to address what is really weighing you down. I hope this can help you can feel relief and something for yourself to work towards. FOR YOU. For your own relief, not because someone else believes you need to make changes. CHANGE FOR YOU!

"I make myself wealthy by making my wants few." - Thoreau

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