Who is Martha?

For each of us Martha is different. She is the over packed spare room that growls at you when you pass by, a busting at the seems garage or just a dirty habit that keeps you from achieving your full potential. An easy toss of the shoes after work because the call of the couch is too much to handle or another smoke break because you need that next drag in order to achieve your goal. Not taking the old Christmas decorations to the basement in totes, organized, and labeled like you keep saying you are going to do. This is also too easily set aside when life can take over. We are tired, we just want to mentally check out in the small spurts of time we can claim for ourselves. I get it. My Martha is holding on to items from my life that no longer serves me. I have recently started claiming my part in the clutter responsibility of our storage unit. One block at a time I am tackling the things that keep holding me back from being the real me!

I have Barbies, all of her accessories, housewares, pool, and more. But I have two son's that are still pretty young and not into any type of mom's Barbie passion. I have clung to these for so many years but I have recently realized that I don't want to hold onto to what feels like a weight from my youth. I love the memories however the items create a much different feeling for me. So, now the proud owner of these relics is my niece and seeing the joy that she had instantly, even if it will be short lived, was well worth letting it go. I look forward to the rest of my decluttering stories to share and the relief I will experience from letting go. Remember to take care of you!

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