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Next to Nothing

This saying has been used in contexts such as; she weighs "next to nothing!" My all-time favorite use is when it comes to the price of something being "next to nothing." And my goodness it better be! (JK)

When I am going through my high anxiety moments and my organizing takes over, I feel left with "next to nothing."

That statement carries more than one meaning. When I am having a high anxiety moment and I feel out of control it can leave me feeling next to nothing inside. I feel drained from my energy because my worry can take over. The organizing can reduce my need to worry by keeping my mind focused on the project in front of me. It actually works like a meditation for me. Now, I can't have my kids screaming around me or the dog picking stuff I throw away out of the trash during this task. Otherwise, purpose defeated and it becomes a chore. I have enough of those!

If you feel like your energy becomes "next to nothing" every time you get into organizing then try turning it into a moment of meditation. Shut off everything and just listen to your surroundings. Pick your spot and breath. Nothing has to be done completely just because you started. Work until it starts to feel like a chore. Some of you will be over it after five minutes. No worries. Walk away. Close the door and get on with your day. Until the next time, you are feeling anxious or even overwhelmed. It's a double win!

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